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LOVE Layered Sign

LOVE Layered Sign

Our home crafted love signs are perfect for a wall, shelf, or desk. Bespoke Birch wood and paper underlay combine to give a unique asthetic. Sits nicely on our large easel (sold separately).


Each sign has three words relating to aspects of love scored on the outer layer. No two signs are the same, so make certain of your selection before purchasing.


1 - Devotion, Everlasting, Unconditional - Patina stain - Light pink paper

2 - Devotion, Everlasting, Unconditional - No stain (bare wood grain) - Dark burgundy paper

3 - Devotion, Everlasting, Unconditional - Patina stain - Dark gray paper

4 - Bliss, Happiness, Joy - Clear, sparkly stain - Bright pink paper with polka dots

5 - Bliss, Happiness, Joy - Light gray stain - Pink paper

6 - Bliss, Happiness, Joy - No stain (bare wood grain) - Teal paper with polka dots

7 - Affection, Passion, Tenderness - Clear, sparkly stain - Blue water waves paper

8 - Affection, Passion, Tenderness - Light gray stain - Dark burgundy paper

9 - Affection, Passion, Tenderness - No stain ( bare wood grain) - Pink paper


Size: 11" x 3"

Material: Birch wood, paper


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