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Give a Little Love

Give a Little Love

Here's where things get interesting. We are on a mission to bring more love and light into the world and hope you feel the same. First, giving a bag of love to someone is never a bad idea. Everyone needs a little love. But we hope you will also consider handing them out to anyone and everyone individually. Your neighbor, waitress, hair stylist, coworkers, sports teammates, teachers, friends, and more. Put one in your children's lunchbox. Leave one somewhere for a stranger to find. Give a little love. In a world with too much hate, we can make a difference.


Includes 30 LOVE pieces in red, sea glass, and lavender (single-side paint) in organza bag. Outside heart label color will vary.


Size: 1.125" x 1.5" (each LOVE piece)

Material: recycled wood, organza bag


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