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Pre-k to senior school pictures frame on stand (sold separately)

Baby and School Pictures Photo Frame

Celebrate the milestones of your child's life with these photo frames. Made with a walnut top layer and backing with clear acrylic between to protect your pictures. Chicago screws are used to allow the frame to be easily opened to add photos. The back layer is scored to match the top frame so you know the exact placement for your photos. Simply unscrew the frame, tape your photo onto the back layer (double sided tape is recommended), place the clear acrylic on top of the back layer with your photos, add the top layer, and replace the screws.


Choose the baby photo frame, which takes your child from birth to one year old, or the School Pictures frame from pre-k to senior. Then personalize with your child's name in a color from our palette. (Name shown is in berry blue.)


Sits beautifully on our large easel (sold separately) or add your own hardware to hang.


Size: 18" x 10"

Material: walnut, acrylic, chicago screws

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