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Relationships Matter

Generally speaking, happiness comes from within as you develop a loving mindset but it would be wrong to say that you are not impacted deeply by others. You may have noticed we offer personalized Christmas ornaments and personalized signs centered around celebrating your family and friends such as the Family Tree Christmas ornament pictured above. The reason is we know that your relationships are one of the truest and most impactful parts of your life. We are not creatures of isolation. We do not thrive separated from others emotionally or physically. Our best moments are shared. Our worst moments are shared. We need connection to experience life fully but connection must be nurtured. Unfortunately, many relationships wither or even turn toxic because we fail to act in a way that feeds their growth. We can all recall a lost friend or a time we drifted quietly away from a family member. The sadness of this is compounded by a simple but deep truth I challenge you to consider. Relationships are one of the only things in the world you can't do without and they always impact you , positive or negative.

So, let's make them better. Try these steps.

  1. Remind yourself they are important. Whether a Christmas ornament, a sign, a note on your refrigerator, or a token in your pocket make tangible reminders of how important your relationships with family, friends and coworkers really are. You must think about them often.

  2. Speak as if they matter, to them and about them. Words are important. Use them wisely. Words build truth if used well.

  3. Act as if they matter, because they do. Do something to let them know they are important. Send a thoughtful gift, a note, take time to listen or do something kind. Action takes your thoughts and words and makes them tangible. It solidifies your intent in the relationship.


Do everything in love. Live this moment.

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