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We consistently point out the importance of our mindset and how transformative it is in our lives. But there is more. C.S. Lewis, when contemplating the nature of human existence, suggests that separation is a choice we make by considering ourselves as the center of existence. In other words selfishness separates us. This is not a surprise to anyone who has lived selfishly or around a selfish person. It certainly isolates us from others. The trap, however, is deeper. Our religious practices and our internal search for self understanding and proper mindset can lead to thinking as if we are the center of existence and power. Our thoughts, our practices, our actions. While these are extremely important they must be grounded in an understanding of where real authority exists. We must look beyond our narrow borders. Among its many powers, prayer helps us keep everything in perspective. So Pray Y'all.

Do everything in love. Live this moment.

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