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Our Philosophy

Little Bear Inspirations was founded upon an idea

we believe to be true and transformative:

Do everything in love.

The love we are referring to goes beyond any romantic notion and enters into every part of life. You may have heard it said that "Love conquers fear." Not only is this true, but it sets the stage for growth, contentment, and joy.

The love we are speaking of is a mindset, a way to interact with your world. We are not telling you anything you don't already know. You describe the feeling you get from the absolute best things in life as love - I loved that vacation. I love that holiday. I love those people. I loved that moment.


This mindset should be intentionally created and enjoyed each and every moment. That's exactly why we say:

Live this moment.


We strive to bring the type of items to you that will help you walk in loving thoughts, nurture loving relationships, love

your moments and your memories. It is our blessing to do this, and we love every moment!


Create a life of joy for you and those around you.

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